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Child Development Programs
Welcome to El Monte City School District Child Development Programs

The Child Development Programs provide direct early education to students’ ages 0-5 in various program options such as Head Start, Early Head Start, Home Based and State Preschool. Our programs are funded through Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and California Department of Education (CDE) Early Education and Support Services. Our program provides free services to qualifying families that meet state and federal eligibility guidelines. The students are provided free meals and quality comprehensive services as well as a caring, nurturing and safe environment conducive to learning.

We are happy to serve you and your family as we work together in partnership to get your child ready for Kindergarten. Please join us and be part of the El Monte City School District Child Development Family!
Our Mission
As a Child Development Program serving our youngest learners 0-5, we are committed to providing quality comprehensive services to all students enrolled in our programs. We strive to make learning fun and rewarding and ensure that student’s educational and basic needs are met. We are a school readiness program that supports student’s growth and development through hands-on developmental appropriate activities. Students develop language, social and emotional, and cognitive skills. We work in collaboration with families as a team to support all students’ potential and that of our families. Our students with specials needs are included throughout the curriculum as well as our English language learners. Our program supports all learning capacities and empowers families to become their child’s advocate and alongside the program ensure student success now and in the future. Together we ensure all our students become lifelong learners. As a program, we serve all students including those with mild to severe disabilities and special need.

Program Philosophy
Our philosophy is that all students have the ability and potential to learn if given the opportunity. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters independent learning in a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning.

Contact Info:
Director: Rosa Lopez
2131 Loma Ave.
South EL Monte, CA 91733
Phone: 626-452-9164 Ext. 3101
Fax: 626-442-3284